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Apart from the Marine Lexicon team, other researchers across Europe have added their knowledge to this thesaurus. We would like to thank them here.

  • Georgios Kerametsidis and Ioannis Giovos at ONG iSea provided the Greek translations.
  • Joan Gonzalvo of the Tethys Research Institute and the Ionian Dolphin Project provided the Spanish and Catalan translations.
  • Manel Gazo at SUBMON provided the Spanish and Catalan translations.
  • Viola Panigada of the Tethys Research Institute provided the Italian translations.
  • Herbert Maia, Hugulay Maia, Arminda Bom Jesus and Jorge Carvalho from São Tomé e Príncipe provided the Creole translations.
  • Hilarino da Luz from Cabo Verde, a researcher at CHAM, contributed with Creole translations from Ilha de Santiago.
  • Inês Carvalho at APCM-Association for Marine Sciences is thanked for reviewing the Portuguese species names.
  • Aevar Petersen provided the Islandic translations.
  • Chris Takken has shared books from his library, and has sent us many useful links.

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